Nasser Al-Duwailah & Partners Law Office


  • Graduate of Kuwait University in 1982
  • Accredited at the Court of Cassation
  • Accredited at the Supreme Constitutional Court
  • Worked in the military judicature
  • Worked as constitutional advisor for the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense
  • The office has a team of Kuwaiti lawyers and counselors.
  • The office provides legal advisory services for lawsuits at the regional and international levels.
  • The office has an outstanding team of technical support, secretaries and representatives with outstanding professional


Dr. Yousef Al-Herbesh Law Office


  • PhD in Civil Law from Cairo University
  • Master Degree in Private Law from Kuwait University
  • Bachelor Degree in Law from Kuwait University
  • Experience in judicial work
  • Experience in Academic work
  • Lawyer before the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court, legal attorney for many investment companies and financial institutions
  • Received many law work courses including courses with the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies and other courses, the most of important of which are:
  • Course for calculating labor entitlements in the oil and private sectors.
  • Course for controls of stating the causes of administrative judgments.
  • Course in the penal courts procedures.
  • Course in effective administrative supervision.
  • Regional course in the subject of intellectual property rights under the supervision of the US government.
  • Course in intellectual property rights.
  • Intensive English Language Course for Individuals in the Legal Profession. .


Ali Wawan Al-Shummari Law Office


  1. Kuwaiti Lawyers


  • Ali Mutar Al-Wawan, advocate – Cassation and High Constitution.
  • Assisted by a team of practicing Kuwaiti lawyers accredited to the various levels of the courts.


  1. The Technical Team of the Office (Consultants)


The office has a comprehensive legal team consisting of a number of legal consultants with long experience of many years in the legal field and with a high level of efficiency in handling criminal, civil, commercial, labor and administrative law suits.


  1. The Management Team of the Office


The core of the office is the legal management which consists of a team of legal administrators of high efficiency and rich experience in undertaking all legal, administrative and technical issues entrusted to them with a high level of accuracy and expediency.